Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service  Traveler controls must be powerful enough to move the car easily under load and lead to a position where crew can conveniently operate them. Smaller boats and cruising boats usually position controls so the helmsman can make adjustments. Larger boats position controls for the mainsheet trimmer.   Phone 978-287-0060 © All Rights Reserved 2012 Northeast East Rigging Systems LLC 277 Baker Avenue Concord, MA 01942  Phone 978-287-0060                      Web Design Stott Marketing Group Today’s travelers have many versatile configurations, Mid-boom sheeting, End-boom sheeting, 3:1 purchase, 4:1 purchase, Remote Cleats, Dedicated Winch or a Standard set-up as well as what system works well with your dodger.  With so many traveler configurations available it can be difficult to find the right set-up for your boat.  North East Rigging Systems is happy to provide a free consultation to help you decide the most cost effective and functional traveler system for your boat?  Listed are only a few examples of traveler configurations.  Call and we’ll design the right system for your boat. 4:1 Windward Sheeting The windward sheeting traveler lets crew pull the car above the centerline without releasing the leeward control line. Tack and the car stays in the same position, ready to be pulled to the new windward side. 2:1 Cam on Car This system features cleats on adjustable arms that can be angled. On flush deck boats face cleats down the length of the track. On boats with seat backs angle the cleats forward or aft. Standard 4:1 This 4:1 system is used on moderately-sized cruising and racing boats. Control blocks and cleats mount on track ends. 4:1 remote cleat If the traveler is mounted ahead of the companionway, place the cleats at the aft-edge of the cabin house. Under Deck Traveler Control  (not shown) Racing boats often keep decks clean by running the traveler tackle below deck. This system has a 6:1 purchase that exits at a central control pod forward of the wheel or tiller, which allows the mainsheet trimmer to easily adjust the traveler. Popular on boats like the Farr® 40. North East Rigging Systems has a lot of experience designing and installing the right traveler system for your boat. Let North East Rigging Systems design a new traveler system for your boat Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service    Phone 978-287-0060      North East Rigging Systems LLC